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Dog in Armor

If Hartz is wanting to corner the market on killing pets, they have some stiff competition in FidoPharm’s PetArmor. Check out the still-active discussion on our PetArmor post from 2012. (Spoiler alert: dogs and cats are dying because their loving owners, trusting that regulatory agencies are doing their jobs, are using this poisonous brew to combat fleas.) Spread the word far and wide, and speak to your vet about SAFE options for controlling fleas and ticks.

Meanwhile, take a page from this pug’s playbook!

Dogs and cats everywhere — get decked out in actual suits of armor to protect yourselves against poisonous PetArmor!


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Back to the Future: The Hartz Edition

Remember how, in Back to the Future, Marty McFly travels back in time and sees what things were like when his parents were his age? The Internet will serve as our plutonium-powered DeLorean today. Let’s set the target date to December 12, 1990, activate the flux capacitor, and see what Hartz Mountain Corporation was up to 23 years ago.

Hartz Sucks 1Hartz Sucks 2Hartz Sucks 3

Oh, man, what a snoozefest! Nothing has changed! Hartz was killing pets for profit and denying responsibility back then, just like they are doing today! Oh, and look — there’s the EPA, sort of pretending to do something about it, but not really — just like in 2013!

Well, this is boring. If only we had more plutonium and 1.21 jigowatts of electrical power, we could set our target date to 1925, the year before Hartz Mountain was founded, and find a way to keep the company from ever being formed.

Realistic alternative: Tell everyone you know about the dangers of Hartz (and similar nearly unregulated) products. If enough people learn the truth and commit themselves to getting the information out there, there won’t be a Hartz in the future. And we’d pay to see a movie with that happy ending!

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Shadow offers our warm and furry condolences to Pastor Marc. He writes:

I lost my dog Sept 1st. This is the first time I saw this article about Hartz UltraGuard. I’ve used it monthly every summer season. When I woke that morning I went to check on Shadow, and she had passed in her sleep. I’ve also used it on our four cats for ages, but will never use it again. I have no way to find out if it was from the Hartz. I had her cremated, because I’m AOD from army 1966. All my pets from the past 40 years will be mixed with my ashes when I go. I only wish I had seen this earlier, if it is the cause. She never had a skin reaction but I don’t know what it might have done to her internally. I hope someone starts a class action suit against Hartz. If I could still walk, I’d go to the company to find out just what’s what with them and demand some answers.

-Pastor Marc

Readers, please honor Shadow by spreading the word — far and wide — about how dangerous these cheap flea and tick products are. Every box of Hartz (and other toxic brands) is a tragedy waiting to happen. Your voice makes the difference in this fight.

speak out against hartz

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A Friendly Reminder

A Friendly Reminder

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Texas Jury: Hartz Killed Puppy

This article from our friends at The Bark is a few years old, but it’s definitely worth a read and may inspire some of you to take similar action against the massive dog-killing machine that is the Hartz Corporation.

A six-member jury needed less than thirty minutes to unanimously conclude that Hartz was responsible for the death of a Texas man’s 14-month-old Old English Bulldog.

Read the full story, and please keep telling everyone you know about the dangers of Hartz flea and tick products.


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Alex Gweneth’s Moral Bankruptcy Exposed by Broken Hartz

We’ve been unable to obtain Alex Gweneth’s baby photo, but we can only imagine that when he was born, he had the face of a cherub. His parents surely beamed with pride at their newborn boy. Would he become a surgeon? A teacher? An art historian? Little Alex’s future was not yet written. Oh, but it is written now. Mr. Gweneth, sadly, became a soulless flunkey for Hartz through his job at 5W Public Relations, a profoundly slimy firm with a long history of unethical conduct.

Thanks to a fascinating exposé by the heroes at Broken Hartz, we have learned about the pitiful fate of this once-promising young child. Instead of saving lives, teaching children, or preserving the legacy of Neoclassicism, Mr. Gweneth spends his days filling the internet with false claims about the safety and effectiveness of Hartz’s products. For this, he receives a paycheck. Read Broken’s Hartz’s post and prepare to be amazed.

Alex Gweneth: Visual Approximation

Alex Gweneth: Visual Approximation

(Editor’s note: In the visual approximation of Mr. Gweneth, we notice that his skin appears to have been severely burned and scarred. We suspect that Mr. Gweneth may have applied Hartz to his own skin, causing a terrible reaction. After all, this is a common consequence of Hartz flea and tick “treatments,” as you can see in these pictures.)

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Broken Hartz Vs. Hartz? No Contest!


Spread the word about Broken Hartz and their amazing, ass-kicking anti-Hartz campaign!

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