Hartz Ad Campaign in Full Swing

July 25, 2008 at 6:58 am 1 comment

Pop quiz! You may have noticed that Hartz has been spending a lot of money advertising its toxic flea and tick products lately. Why might that be?

(a) It’s flea and tick season.
(b) Public awareness of the dangers of Hartz products is growing.
(c) With our economy is in the tank, people are trying to save money.
(d) All of the above.

The answer is (d): All of the above. If you’ve seen any of Hartz’s ads on the Internet, in magazines, or on television, you know that the core message of their campaign is, “Leave your vet out of this.” Here’s the clever tagline that ends their TV spots:

This is pure strategy. Hartz is fully aware that veterinarians don’t recommend their flea and tick products. They know that vets warn against using Hartz, and in fact, most vets have treated numerous victims of Hartz’s lethal treatments. In light of this, it’s no surprise that Hartz wants to keep your vet out of the equation when it comes to your pet’s fleas and ticks. It’s in Hartz’s best interest for you to head straight to the pet aisle at your local Wal-Mart, pick up a package of their poisonous brew, and apply it to your beloved companion, completely unaware of the danger.

Like cigarette companies, who must constantly replenish their supply of customers (since so many of them die!), Hartz is always having to find new cats and dogs whose owners haven’t heard the truth. Please join me in actively spreading that truth. It’s our best defense.


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  • 1. Frank Bowers  |  November 9, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    I lost my animal July 2008 due to the fact Wal Mart sells Hartz Ultra Guard and their sales person (a Wal Marts clerk) said its probably, ” was as good as any”.
    At the time while looking at the other products it cost more so I though it must be better than the others. My animal was dead in 24 hours after applying it to him. At about 7 to 8 one morning the following morning the vet said I should let him go, so I did. The total cost was over 3500 plus the cost of the dog 1500. Had the public been advised by the department of health or EPA of the danger I would not be writting this, they did not so I suffer a great lost; but, no where near as much as by OEBD he lost his life due to the EPA like of direction, I wonder how much Hartz has sent to them for Christmas as presents, how many trips, how many bonus to not publishize the facts as facts for us to make a wise decision and save the life of hundreds of dogs and cats. The sad thing is not everone put it together and the blame goes to old age or just it died don’t know why, still ;hundreds of healthy animals are dead.
    I think the federal government should pull all Hartz products (and all products of the nature regardless of who the manufacture is) and require vets to dispense when needed; not a 6$ an hour Wal Mart Clerk.
    If any one has more information that I can use in my case in January please send it to me as soon as possible I will use ever drop of the ink I need to make Hartz pay for the damage they have done to the animals of our world, plus the lost of all sales if possible.
    The best of good byes to all Frank Bowers of Austin, TX( arnoldbowers1@aol.com )


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