NBC4 Blows Whistle on EPA, Hartz

March 25, 2009 at 1:32 pm 2 comments

NBC4 Los Angeles should be on the EPA’s payroll.  Why?  Because NBC4 is doing what the EPA should be doing — protecting the public from companies that peddle dangerous flea and tick treatments to unsuspecting pet owners. Watch the video below.


Click on image to watch video.

“The products we investigated are flea and tick shampoos and drops sold by major companies like Sergeant’s, Bio Spot, and Hartz,” the article reads. “They all contain the same type of pesticide, called pyrethrins or the synthetic versions known as pyrethroids. These are the same pesticides in household products like ‘Raid,’ used to kill bugs around your home.”

NBC4 and other outstanding news stations are a tremendous force in our campaign against Hartz et al. They spread the word far and wide about these depraved corporations, undermining their carefully constructed façades of legitimacy, warning unsuspecting pet owners, affecting sales, and slowly but surely chipping away at the market viability of their products.

But ultimately, only the EPA has the legal authority to remove these deadly flea and tick “treatments” from the market, so we are asking you to use the information on our sidebar to contact the EPA today and demand that they address this longstanding issue.

Be sure to forward the NBC4 article and video to everyone you know who loves animals, and always remember — kill fleas, not pets.


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Ever Wonder Why Hartz Kills Cats and Dogs? NRDC’s Green Paws Campaign Bolsters Fight Against Hartz

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  • 1. Whitney Ontis  |  February 27, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    Hartz made my cat very sick. once we bought it, it started working great. We didn’t know it was slowly making my cat sicker and sicker. We noticed she wasn’t moving around as much and wouldn’t leave my room. My mom called the vet and they told us hartz is the worst thing you could use on your animals. We gave her a bath in dawn soap and literally minutes after the bath she was doing so much better. No wonder it kills fleas if it has the strength the kill cats. Its great hartz is finally paying for what it has done.

  • 2. Stacey Citraro-againstanimalabuse  |  October 29, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    Thank you for this post and for seeing the wrong in these products and helping to spread the word. I have known about Hartz for a long. These products need to be banned. I can’t believe horrendous pain and suffering these products are causing and yet they are still being sold!! I will be adding this video on my site to share with others! Thank you!!


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Exposé from the Center for Public Integrity

Tell the EPA to Take Action!

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Pesticide Programs
Mail Code 7501P
1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20460


Call 703-305-7090 and ask to speak with Office Director Debbie Edwards, Deputy Office Director for Programs Steven Bradbury, or Deputy Office Director for Management Marty Monell.

Call 703-308-8121 for Debby Sisco or 703-305-4775 for Margie Fehrenbach (both are Assistants to the Office Director).

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