NRDC’s Green Paws Campaign Bolsters Fight Against Hartz

July 5, 2009 at 8:45 pm 2 comments


The good people at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) have launched, a major campaign against those who wish to poison our pets for profit. Green Paws represents the culmination of rigorous, comprehensive research conducted by the NRDC’s dedicated scientists and advocates. The site has many useful resources, including easy-to-read reports and fact sheets, and a product guide that details toxicity findings on numerous brand-name flea and tick products. They also offer simple steps for controlling fleas without hazardous chemicals.

While you’re there, request an action kit to help share this life-saving information with your groomer, kennel, or other pet service provider. Also, tell the EPA to do its job by banning the use of these deadly chemicals in pet products!


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NBC4 Blows Whistle on EPA, Hartz Bad News for Hartz = Good News for Pets

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  • 1. Libby  |  July 9, 2009 at 11:12 am

    I used the Hartz flea and tick product that specifically said for use on cats. I just lost my cat over the holiday weekend. The smallest of my three cats, a 5.5 lb Persian named Maggie Mae, started shivering and couldn’t walk straight. We called the emergency number for the vet, and got him to come in on the holiday. He attempted to save her with fluids, treatment, and warming her. Her temp was down to 93, when it should have been 105 to 106. Her red blood cells were down to 10% when they should have been 30%. She didn’t make it. The vet said that this brand is know to do this, but that when you call the emergency number on the package it directs you to the ASPCA. He said that since the ASPCA supported the Hartz brand, they don’t record and report the complaints. It’s outrageous… they’re allowing pure poison to be put on the shelves available for any unsuspecting person to buy.

  • 2. Matt  |  August 22, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Libby, my heart break for you. I’m so sorry this has happened to you and your pet. Unfortunately, thousands of others–including our family–have had to endure the same pain, guilt and devastation.

    Thank you for bringing this forward–as painful as it must be. Hartz Mountain has one of the worst safety records in the industry. Their products containing the pesticide neurotoxin phenothrin have accounted for a significant number of the adverse incidents reported to the EPA over the years. Their appalling safety record goes back to the ’80’s and ’90’s with their product, Blockade, which was pulled from the market because of an unacceptable number of animal injuries and deaths. They have been forced by the EPA to make numerous labeling revisions and they have been cited and fined for not promptly and accurately reporting adverse incidents to the EPA. Their cat and kitten products were terminated in 2006 when the EPA issued a Cancellation Order against Hartz because of their deplorable safety record. Please–when you get the opportunity (and I know you are hurting right now)–take one important step to help yourself and other pets and pet owners. Please take the time to report your incident to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC). This organization works with the EPA to compile the database of incidents and statistics that will be analyzed and used as a basis for corrective action. The NPIC can be reached at 1-800-858-7378. They are very professional, courteous and efficient. This is a critical step in the public forcing the EPA–one of the most lax oversight agencies in the federal government–to do the right thing and get these neuro-toxin pesticide ingredients out of the marketplace. Also, please call Hartz Mountain and report this incident to them. They WILL NOT be happy to hear from you, but they–-like all the manufacturers–-have an obligation under federal law to forward your report to the EPA. As I mentioned, Hartz Mountain has been cited and fined for not properly and promptly reporting these incidents in the past…put the pressure on Hartz by giving them the details and forcing them to report to the EPA. Also, they should be asked to reimburse your medical expenses…don’t hesitate to ask for this. Most verterinarians, like yours, have terrible opinions of these topical spot-on’s with pesticide ingredients. They have seen first hand the devastation that these products are causing–they understand the pain and suffering. Thank you again; so very sorry for what has happened. It’s reprehensible that Hartz, BioSpot, Sergeant’s and others continue to injure and kill thousands of pets–it’s absolutely reprehensible.


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