This Pug Means Business

August 9, 2014 at 10:32 pm 2 comments

Dog in Armor

If Hartz is wanting to corner the market on killing pets, they have some stiff competition in FidoPharm’s PetArmor. Check out the still-active discussion on our PetArmor post from 2012. (Spoiler alert: dogs and cats are dying because their loving owners, trusting that regulatory agencies are doing their jobs, are using this poisonous brew to combat fleas.) Spread the word far and wide, and speak to your vet about SAFE options for controlling fleas and ticks.

Meanwhile, take a page from this pug’s playbook!

Dogs and cats everywhere — get decked out in actual suits of armor to protect yourselves against poisonous PetArmor!



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Back to the Future: The Hartz Edition

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  • 1. Caitlyn McDonald  |  June 9, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    They are killing millions of helpless pets. My cat is half way blind now because of these products and she is completely different and another one of my cats died because of this poison. I WILL NOT TAKE A TWO DAY TRIP TO THE BAHAMAS. HARTZ ARE EVIL SELFISH PEOPLE. DON’T BUY THEIR PRODUCTS.

  • 2. Chris  |  January 5, 2018 at 11:18 am

    PetArmor nearly killed my dog…

    My mother sent me PetArmor because it was cheap. I specifically asked her to get Advantage but she thought she could penny pinch. I knew from a video I sent her on YouTube that Hartz was dangerous, but I didn’t know anything about PetArmor.

    I followed the directions and put the tube between the shoulders and a week later he had a terrible rash, plus the fleas were still eating him. I had to have my ex come take us to the vet. Spent 300 dollars. He had to have anti allergy pills. It’s amazing he even lived. He could have died because of this garbage.

    Why isn’t anyone holding these companies accountable??? Why do they get to play chemical Russian roulette with our animals’ lives?

    ^this is the chemical rash it gave my dog.


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