Studies show that when a child takes pleasure in harming animals, he or she has an increased risk of one day becoming an employee of Hartz, Sergeant’s, Wellmark, or Farnam.

We consider ourselves civilized, and yet we buy from companies that perform cruel and unnecessary tests on animals. We fail to have our companion animals spayed or neutered, which leads to millions of unwanted dogs and cats every year, most of whom end up being euthanized without ever knowing the joy of a walk in the park, the happiness of a cozy bed, or the kindness of a loving owner. We buy dogs from breeders instead of rescuing them from shelters. Sadly, the list of ways in which we contribute to the suffering of animals is endless.

You have to pick your battles, and I choose to wage mine against companies like Hartz, Sergeant’s, Wellmark, and Farnam, who make billions of dollars each year manufacturing highly toxic flea and tick “treatments.” These products sit on the shelves of every grocery store, drug store, major pet supply store, and big-box store in the United States, and they have poisoned and killed more cats and dogs than you can possibly imagine.

I am also here to blow the whistle on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has given these deadly products the all-important stamp of approval in spite of the massive numbers of poisonings and deaths associated with their use. I can’t help but wonder how many lobbyists Hartz et al have in Washington, D.C.

This is not a place for victims to share their stories. That purpose has been fulfilled brilliantly since November 2002 by HartzVictims.org. In fact, if you Google Hartz, Hartz Victims is the third search result. Numerous other sites — such as HartzSyndrome.org, Against Hartz, and BioSpotVictims.org — are also helping to spread this life-saving information.

It is my sincere hope that HartzKills.org will bolster the existing Internet arsenal against the heartless wackjobs whose poisonous products led to 44,263 incident reports in 2008 alone.


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