It’s easy to save animals from being inadvertently poisoned by their loving owners! Simply print out these mini flyers — in color, if you can — and sneak one into every package of Hartz et al on the shelves at your local grocery, drug, and pet supply stores. The unsuspecting pet owners who narrowly avoid risking their animals’ lives will be forever grateful — and everyone who learns the truth becomes a source of the truth for someone else.

Anti-Hartz Flyers – PDF

For flea and tick packages that have no openings, you can print the flyers on adhesive-backed paper. I encourage you to stick them on the back of the packaging so that they aren’t discovered until the buyer gets home. (If it’s discovered too soon, the store will get wise and remove all of the stickers.)

Augment your campaign by printing out copies of this informative, easy-to-read report from Give one to everyone you know — including your vet, groomer, dog walker, and all of your friends at the dog park!


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