Stop Hartz Now

As long as there are people who haven’t heard the truth about Hartz et al, pet owners will continue to buy their toxic flea and tick products and innocent animals will continue to be poisoned by their loving owners. Since the EPA is not doing its job, it is up to us to create awareness on a massive scale. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to join the campaign against Hartz et al.

If your pet has suffered an adverse reaction to any flea and tick product:

  1. File a report with the product registrant (e.g., Hartz) which is required by law to report it to EPA. Contact information is on the product label.
  2. File a report with the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) by calling 800-858-7378.
  3. Insist that your veterinarian report the incident using the Veterinary Pesticide Adverse Effects Reporting portal at (Only veterinarians have access to this reporting mechanism.)
  4. The dedicated folks at want to hear from you! Their email address is
  5. Contact your local news station! They may want to tell your story on the small screen — and that will reach thousands of people.
  6. Post your story on

Whether or not you’ve been personally affected by these poisonous products:

  1. Download and print out awareness-spreading materials from our Flyers page.
  2. Urge your vet to post information warning against these toxic products in the waiting room. Ask them to educate all of their clients about safe and effective flea and tick treatments. We all know that vets don’t recommend these brands, but we have to get them to be proactive!
  3. Tell everyone you know about the dangers of these products. Bore them to tears if you have to.
  4. Visit your local Humane Society, SPCA, and other animal shelters and tell them what you know. Advise them to reject donations of any of the above-named brands (they should especially reject any flea and tick products). Ask them to post information warning against these toxic products in plain view of people who are there to adopt an animal. Beg them to be proactive in warning adopters against using these products.
  5. Post negative reviews of these toxic products on the irresponsible websites that sell them, including,,, and  Post negative reviews on review sites, like
  6. Join pet-related discussion groups and spread the word!
  7. Boycott ALL products manufactured by the above-named companies, and urge your family and friends to do likewise. Don’t give them one red cent.
  8. If you can, boycott ALL stores (including online stores!) that sell these products (especially the big pet store chains, like PetSmart and Petco).
  9. Remember that every single person you tell becomes a source of information for other people.

We will get this poison off the shelves as soon as we put our collective outrage into action!


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