File a Report

In 2007, the EPA received approximately 28,000 incident reports from people whose pets were poisoned by an approved flea/tick product. In 2008, they received 44,263 incident reports. That’s a 58% increase. Because the number of incident reports jumped so sharply, the EPA is actually — or so they claim — investigating the safety of the flea and tick products named in the reports. The bottom line is, don’t let the poisoning of your beloved cat or dog go undocumented.

  1. File a report with the product registrant (e.g., Hartz) which is required by law to report it to EPA. Contact information is on the product label.
  2. File a report with the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) by calling 800-858-7378.
  3. Insist that your veterinarian report the incident using the Veterinary Pesticide Adverse Effects Reporting portal at (Only veterinarians have access to this reporting mechanism.)
  4. The dedicated folks at want to hear from you! Their email address is
  5. Contact your local news station! They may want to tell your story on the small screen — and that will reach thousands of people.
  6. Post your story on

For more information,visit’s Need Help? page.


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